Our Story

It’s all about relationships… For any service or product to be great, first there must be a confident relationship with the company delivering it. We strive to develop that confidence by working hard to earn your trust and by providing a high-quality product and service. As a family run business, we leverage innovative digital media sources to create, design and broadcast an authentic visual experience over the internet, through your television or on other media devices. We have a unique staff that has a variety of visual and technical skills that enable us to deliver effective media solutions to our clients. Our design team can help you boost your online presence through website design and hosting. We will work with you to create an engaging website that is customized to fit your needs. If it’s visual media you need, we do that too. Telling a story through the lens of a camera and adding that attention to detail to create an emotional connection for the viewer is what fuels our creativity. Simply put, we are passionate about what we do!

Our Staff!

Craig Wolfe

Titles: CEO, Financial Adviser
Email: craig@lifeseedmedia.com

Craig started his career in Drafting and Design, however, shifted into Civil Engineering. He has his Associates in Drafting and Design from Hocking Technical College. Currently, Craig is only part time, functioning mainly in an advisory capacity; making sure the team functions smoothly and coherently.

Christian Wolfe – “Alex”

Titles: Web Developer, Programmer, Video Editor
Email: alex@lifeseedmedia.com

Alex is a renaissance man! He loves the outdoors and hands-on projects. He is a computer techie (building our second computer from scratch), and a natural at coding websites. He received his Associates in E-Business and Web Design from Hocking Technical College. He likes Coffee, Running, Reading, and Goats!

Random Facts:
Favorite Youtube Channel – DIY Perks
Hobby – Too Many
Favorite Video Game – Not much of a gamer, but likes any Zelda game!
Favorite Movie – The Bourne Identity

Corby Wolfe – “Aiden”

Titles: Cinematographer, Compositor, Media Editor
Email: aiden@lifeseedmedia.com

Aiden is a self-proclaimed Geek/Nerd! He is an avid cinematographer and loves editing videos. He has been making videos since high school and has received his degree in Interactive Multimedia from Hocking College. He likes coffee, sports, and sleeping!

Random Facts:
Favorite Youtube Channel – The Slow Mo Guys
Hobby – Researching (Anything)
Favorite Video Game – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Favorite Movie – The Lord Of The Rings (all of them)

We Design Stuff!

Lifeseed Multimedia Design Group

33450 Bowland-Derr Rd.
Logan, Ohio 43138
Email: info@lifeseedmedia.com
Phone: (740) 603-4160